Intro to The Copper Wash Tub Project

So just what is the Copper Washtub Project? It is a collection of assorted documents members of the Young family sought to preserve beginning in the early 19th century. The Young family owned property in corners of the townships of Westtown, East Goshen and Willistown, Chester County, Pennsylvania.


My grandparents, Cloud Earl Young (1901-1982) and Marie Louise Titter Young (1907-1996).

We were not aware of the contents of this wash tub until my Grandmother passed away in 1996. At that time my father, David Earl Young, Sr. opened the washtub his mother had insisted on keeping with her in the move to my house before her move to a nursing home. Opening it up left my father speechless!  As the history geek in the family I immediately received a phone call – you’ve got to come up and see this!  There was a family Bible, my grandparents social security cards, food and gas ration stamps from WWII, cookbooks, deeds and indentures, pew receipts, my father’s report cards and a few childhood pictures, business records – really what wasn’t in this small seemingly innocuous washtub. In essence, it was a treasure trove of family history!

When my father died the washtub passed into my keeping and sadly it continued to sit in a closet until last year when I made up my mind to begin to catalog all that it contained. Unfortunately, making up one’s mind to do something and finding the time for something extra is often two different things – so my discoveries ran in bursts. By creating this Blog I hope to share this journey of discovery – doing the wash maybe even airing some dirty laundry – through these papers kept by my father’s family – The Youngs.