The Young Family Bible

The Family Bible is embossed with the names of John and Catherine Young. The Bible itself was printed by John B. Perry in Philadelphia in 1849, which coincidentally happens to be the year that John and Catherine were wed.

The Bible contains birth and death registers, which seem to have been faithfully kept. The first Youngs listed in the Bible are the names of John’s parents. John and Hannah Young. John, not surprisingly, is John Jr. and his birthdate along with Catherine’s is listed on the second page of the register.

According to a short biography I discovered for their son Charles: John Young was born on May 12, 1825 on the Girard homestead, Second Street, Philadelphia, died April 10, 1899, and he was the son of John and Hannah (Adams) Young, of German descent.”

Ten children were born to John Jr. and Catherine.

John (1849-1922)          [married Mary J. Scott (1858-1940)]

Rebecca (1852-1860)

Phillip (1855-1946)       [married Jennie Folmer (1856-1940)]

George (1856-1899)      [married Ida Vaughan Zell]

William (1859-1935)     [married Laura Trainer (1865-1935)]

Henry (1860-1862)

Edward (1863-1930)       [married Elizabeth Steele (1867-1937

Charles (1865-1942)       [married Maude Battin (1880 – ?)]

Hannah (1866-1874)

Catherine (1868-1932)

As happened quite frequently during this time period several of their children did not survive childhood. Among the papers collected within the Bible are invitations to Rebecca and Henry’s funerals.

So where do I fit into this mix. Charles and Maude are my great grandparents, their oldest child Cloud Earl Young was my grandfather, although as I mentioned in my first post he hated his name and always went by C. Earl. C. Earl married Marie Titter.

More about Charles and Maude in the next post. And I’m not done with John, Jr either.





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