Who Were The Youngs?

And where did they come from?

Other then the family Bible the best source I’ve found so far is a short biography of my Great-Grandfather Charles Young from a history of Chester and Delaware Counties.

“CHARLES YOUNG, one of the enterprising young farmers of Willistown Inn, Pennsylvania, was born on January 3, 1865, on his present homestead, Westtown Township and is the son of John and Catherine G. (Maag) Young. John Young was born on May 12, 1825 on the Girard homestead, Second Street, Philadelphia, died April 10, 1807, and he was the son of John and Hannah (Adams) Young, of German descent.” (Stay tuned for more on John in a subsequent post.)

It goes on to say that Charles was one of 10 children, which the family Bible supports – see my previous post.  Charles married Maude Battin, “a most charming and accomplished lady.” They had one child, my grandfather, Cloud Earl Young. Earl Young (my father said that he hated the name Cloud and never used it) married Marie Titter. The Titters had a farm somewhere in Delaware County – I haven’t yet been able to locate where.

My grandparents met when Grandpa would offer my grandmother a lift to school on his way to work. My grandfather in addition to helping on the family farm was also a carpenter. He designed and built their home along West Chester Pike, “Wee Brick House” just east of Rt. 352. They built the house during the depression and lived in the attic while they finished the rest of the house.  The house still stands and has been converted into an office. He also designed and built a house for his brother Emmett and his wife LaVera (Stafford) Young and for my parents David Earl Young and Ruth Passmore Young.

In one of those strange happenstances, when I began working at Brandywine Battlefield in 2002 I discovered that one of the other employees, George Findle, was related to George Young, brother to my Great-Grandfather Charles. George Findle knew where some of the Youngs were buried and we took a field trip to Cumberland Cemetery in Delaware County . Here I also discovered the graves of my Grandmother’s two brothers, John Gordon and William Vincent Titter.

In another strange twist of fate, one day,several years ago, on a visit to Waynesborough, the home of Anthony Wayne near Paoli, I happened to glance down at a guest book displayed in a sitting room.  And on that page two names jumped out at me – Charles Young and C. Earl Young.  Talk about goosebumps! Why they were there I have no idea at this time – as my grandfather would still have been a child it was either to deliver veggies from the truck farm or maybe sightseeing – still – goosebumps.

Even before reading this and learning the Young’s were of German descent I had suspected as much. When I began working at the Ephrata Cloister in the summer of 1993 for the first time I was well and truly exposed to German life and culture and suddenly little things my grandparents did made sense.   Life is funny that way – things really do tend to go in circles.


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