1774 Joshua Hoopes Indenture – Side Two

On the reverse side of the 1774 Deed I discussed in my previous post, I think it is fair to say, and you can judge for yourself in the photo below, that no space went unused

The first bit of information contained on the second side is a release dated August 22, 1796. Transcribing this I learned that Hannah Hoopes the widow of Joshua Hoopes is now deceased. “Amos Hoopes, John Wooley, Phebe Wooley, Jane Starr and Ezra Hoopes for himself and also as Executor to the last Will and Testament of his brother Joseph Hoopes, deceased, for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred forty-six pounds two shillings and eleven pence” (forty-nine pounds four shillings and seven pence each) have settled up with the Executor of James Black (who is now also deceased) for the balance due for this property transfer. To this part all of the above-mentioned sign their names and place their seals.

Next Amos Hoopes, John Wooley, and Phebe (Hoopes) Wooley appear before W. Worthington a Justice of the Peace for Chester County and acknowledge this release and their “desire it might be recorded as such” on August 22, 1796.

On one of the flaps I discovered that Mary Hoopes Stephenson, “one of the Legatees mentioned in the within Indenture” has also passed away. Her Brother Ezra Hoopes who has power of attorney for her estate accepts her share of the final payment, and releases the estate of James Black for same. Then in 1803 Charles Kenney another Justice of the Peace of Chester County witnesses and records Ezra’s release and recording of the final settlement on behalf of his deceased sister Mary.

Then on October 3, 1805 Jane Starr appears before John Graves, Esq. a Chester County Justice of the Peace and acknowledges this release and her “desire that same might be recorded.”

With all the signatures and seals finally affixed to the document it is recorded in the recorders office for Chester County Book Y 2d Vol 47 page 919 on October 3, 1805.


Side Two – Releases for Final Payments Received