February 26, 1938, Auction of Farm and Household Goods

As WWII loomed on the horizon it would seem that my great grandparents Charles and Maud Young were getting out of the farming business and selling everything that wasn’t nailed down. On the back of this photo it says “Earl’s home on Rt. 3.” DSCN0615Earl, my grandfather, was the son of Charles and Maude, and I believe this to be the farmhouse associated with this sale.  The farm was situated in the corner of East Goshen and Willistown Township.  The Donohue Funeral Home on Rt. 3 now occupies a portion of this land.  Charles only lived 4 more years after this sale.

There are 17 sales sheets and one sheet labeled “Cash.” On the sales sheets it lists the item that was sold, the price and the buyer. Many of the buyers were neighbors like Restore Smedley, John Blosenski, John Stratton, James Wilson.

The sale made less than $1000, but in 1938 $1000 was a lot of money.  Here’s just a small sample of the items and their prices:DSCN0617

Item                                          Price                            Buyer

Manure Spreader                    $90                               P. Merri–

Weathervane                            $5                                 Smedley

Iron Plow                                  $7.50                            Palmer

Corn Planter                             $11                               Norris Jefferis

Cultivator                                 $15                                John Loether

Iron Bath Tub                        $ .35                                E. Nider

Copper Ketter                         $7                                    J. David

Roan Horse                           $52.50                             Blosenski

3 pc Parlor Suite                   $2                                    Smedley

Waffle Iron                            $ .40                                 Dallett

Sewing Machine                  $1.                                     Dallett

Other items include harness, hay forks, barn shovel, hinges, a farm wagon, butter tubs, cuspidor, coffee mill, skates, screen doors, oil stove, coal stove, Rocker, basket of dishes, and the lists goes on and on.  They even sold the porch swing!